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Kardinia Spirit

2016 KIC fest resized

KICFEST 2016 was my first experience of the famous Kardinia spirit that I had heard so much about. Quite often when school communities talk about spirit it is something that is difficult to spot from a distance. I am pleased to say that the Kardinia spirit was not only easy to spot on Saturday, it was contagious!

KICFEST 2016 was amazing! What an incredible event that everyone involved in should be justifiably proud of. A huge congratulations go to the Parent Development Board, led superbly by coordinator Lisa Smyth, who have worked tirelessly over the past 12 months ensuring the success of KICFEST 2016.

I also need to acknowledge the tremendous team effort by all of the volunteers who willingly gave up their time before, during and after KICFEST which added to the community feel. We also had large numbers of students who assisted, performed and helped ensure the day went smoothly. An example of this was the above and beyond attitude of our official school photographer, Angus Brooks, one of our year 10 photography students who worked tirelessly throughout the afternoon and evening capturing KICFEST and all that was on offer.

As this is my final post for this term I will finish by sharing a reflection from the operators of the Ferris Wheel on Saturday evening. As the crew were packing up after a busy afternoon they took the time to acknowledge the excellent behaviour and manners that the students displayed throughout the afternoon. The manager couldn’t believe that every student took the time to thank him and his staff as they disembarked from the ride. What a wonderful endorsement of our students and the work that you do as parents and we do as a school. Kardinia spirit at its best!

Have a wonderful Easter!



Parent Education

Parent University

How do you keep up to date with educational developments as a parent? The internet is a wonderful resource however the sheer volume of information can make even the smallest research task take on herculean proportions.

I will attempt to share relevant websites and links through this blog on a regular basis so that parents have at least a starting point for their research. A few websites that are particularly useful are listed below:

Independent Schools Victoria Parents website

IBO website for information on the PYP and DP

VCE information for parents

We will also hold ongoing workshops for parents throughout the course of the year which will align with school priorities and work we are doing with students. Many parents took advantage of the recent Cyber safety workshop and our next parent workshop features Dr Lea Waters from Melbourne University.

In her presentation, Professor Waters will introduce the field of positive psychology and provide you with tips for being a strength-based parent. You can find out more about Lea at and you can watch her TEDx talk at

To register for this free session please click go to

Have a great week!



The Goodfellow Aquatic Centre


KIC 4000

I am delighted to inform the community that the KIC Board has this week formally announced the naming of our new Aquatic Centre. The Aquatic Centre will be called:


I am sure the entire Kardinia community will join with me in congratulating our founding Principal, John Goodfellow, on this decision by the Board . It is a significant recognition of the visionary leadership that John provided to the College over the past 20 years and ensures the Goodfellow name remains very much a part of Kardinia in the future. Details of our official opening ceremony will be shared with the community as we near closer to completion of the facility which is on track for June with a launch date of early July.

This week a tender was advertised for Expressions of Interest (please see our website for further details) to run the Learn to Swim Programs at the Goodfellow Aquatic Centre and we hope to have this finalised by the beginning of term 2. We will then look to recruit appropriate staff to the Centre and plan for a smooth handover of the site.

A Steering committee has also been established with the task of ensuring a smooth launch of the facility in July. Further details regarding student and community use of the centre will be shared with the community in term 2.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing everyone at KICFEST on March 19!