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School Culture

school culture

World renowned Educational thought leader, Michael Fullan, describes school culture as “the guiding beliefs and values evident in the way a school operates. Fullan (2007) believes that school culture encompasses “all the attitudes, expected behaviours and values that impact how the school operates. This week, through various ceremonies and events, I had a wonderful insight into the unique culture that exists here at Kardinia.


Last Thursday we had our Founder’s Day Assemblies in the Senior and Junior schools. Both ceremonies were a celebration of our history and our beginnings and allowed our students and staff to continue to have a collective understanding and picture of what it means to be a Kardinian. On Friday, we once again hosted two Assemblies, this time to commemorate Anzac Day and to acknowledge and pay our respect to those that have served and died in war and on operational service. These ceremonies allowed our community to further embed our school culture. It is a culture rich in respect and one that I have rarely seen in my 22 years as an educator. Upon sharing this reflection with other members of staff who are new to Kardinia this year, I realised that this was a common view and definitely one of the many things that makes Kardinia such a special place.


Our school culture was also a topic for discussion with a visitor from Singapore last week. The teacher was here to observe our IB Theory of Knowledge class and following his visit he took the time to send through the following email:

“There is a real ‘vibe’ about Kardinia campus in terms of purpose, interaction and, most notably, friendliness. I was deeply impressed and it has provided me with some food for thought about ‘school culture’.

These reflections, both personal and external, I believe, provide a real insight to the unique culture that exists at Kardinia. A culture of wisdom, respect and friendship. A culture of living the school motto!


Have a great week!


K-12 Collaboration

One of the advantages of a K-12 College is the opportunity for students to benefit from a range of staff expertise across the College. Last week we had a wonderful example of this with our Pre-school students working with Richard Walsh from our Senior School. Please see below the email I received from Michelle Young, our Pre-School leader, who was clearly delighted by the opportunity.

“The Sapphire Preschool children have been enjoying the wonderful art medium of clay this year. Today we had Richard Walsh from Senior School, come and work with the children. I contacted Richard last term, to see if he was able to assist us with firing some clay work. Richard very kindly offered to come and work with the children and show them how to make pinch pots and little animals.

The children really enjoyed this experience. Richard is going to come back and work with the children again. It has been wonderful to make a connection between Highview and the Senior School, and I wanted to share this with you”. – Michelle Young





I look forward to sharing many more examples of K-12 collaboration with the KIC community over the coming months and years as we continue to seek out opportunities to make the most of our K-12 environment.


Welcome to Term 2

Dear Parents, staff, students and friends of Kardinia


Welcome back to school following the Easter break. We are only one week into the term and already we have had plenty to celebrate and plenty to look forward to. It promises to be a wonderful term.


Chiang Mai

Earlier this evening we farewelled our second Chiang Mai group for the year. The sense of anticipation and excitement was clear to everyone as our students prepared for the trip of a lifetime. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the group prior to their departure last week and it was clear to me that the students genuinely felt privileged to be part of the Chiang Mai journey. This is a theme that I have noticed across Kardinia throughout my first term here. Students that understand that they have been given a wonderful opportunity to attend a fine school like Kardinia and who are determined to make the most of it. Wise, respectful students who value friendship and embrace diversity: Kardinia students through and through.



This week sees our College celebrate two extremely important events, Founder’s Day and Anzac Day. Traditional Anzac Day ceremonies will be held in both the Junior and Senior School on Friday morning where as a College we will reflect and pay tribute to those men and women who served and died in war and on operational service.

Thursday will see both the Junior School and Senior School host individual Founder’s Day assemblies to honour and pay tribute to our founder’s, Mr and Mrs Katsumata. The Assemblies will include reflections from staff and students as well as a response from our Chairman, Mr. Katsumata. The College will then come together on April 28, the actual day of our foundation, to celebrate Founder’s Day with a variety of activities and events. Further details regarding April 28 will be shared in the Junior School and Senior School news respectively.


West Side Story – 2016 Senior School Production

I would like to invite all parents, senior school students, alumni and friends to join us for the 2016 Senior school production of West Side Story. The Production Team and cast have been working tirelessly this year in preparation for this event and it promises to be a production of the highest calibre. Tickets are selling quickly so I would encourage you to get in now to avoids disappointment.

Dates and Times: Friday, 13th May 730pm, Saturday, 14th May 2:00pm and 730pm. Ticket prices: $20 adult, $10 concession/child, $50 family (2 adults and 2 children).

For a quality evening of theatre, follow the link or contact the college on 52789999.


Have a great week!