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Goodfellow Aquatic Centre: Learn to Swim

Those of you who have been along Ballarat Road recently will have noticed that the construction of the Goodfellow Aquatic Centre is nearing completion. The carpark has now been laid out and the interior close to 90% completed. We are well on our way to our planned opening in mid July.

Last week we made a further two giant steps towards a successful launch of the Aquatic centre with the appointment of our Aquatics centre Manager (Mark Bluschke) and the signing of a 3 year contract with H20 Swimming to deliver Learn to swim programs outside of school hours. We are delighted with both of these announcements and look forward to productive partnerships with both Mark and H20.

Our PE staff are busy putting together a timetable for student use of the Aquatic centre and this information will be shared with relevant classes in the coming weeks. Our Junior School swim program will be our first priority for term 3 along with relevant Senior School Units. Our PE department are also developing water specific units to roll out for Senior School students in 2017.

Enrolment information for H20 Learn to Swim classes is now available on the H20 website:–kardinia-enquiries-assessments-enrolments.html and will also be linked through KIConline and our website in the coming weeks.

Our official Opening Ceremony for the Aquatic Centre will take place in August when our Board Chairman, Mr. Katsumata, is with us. Details regarding this ceremony will be shared via KIConline early in term 3.

Have  a great week!


Global Competence


global competence

I have been asked a number of times since arriving at Kardinia about my experiences in Asia over the last decade and what it is that I learnt from those experiences. Whilst there were many lessons, professionally and personally, the one thing I keep coming back to is the focus in Asia on global competence or global citizenship. The world is our marketplace, our workplace and our playground and in order to fully take advantage of the opportunities that brings we really do need to be global citizens.

One of our cornerstones at Kardinia is international mindedness and this is the idea that we need to not only understand and value our own culture and beliefs but also understand, respect and celebrate the culture of others. In order to fully appreciate other cultures, we do need to develop a range of skills including skills of global competence.

Our students are likely to work for international companies and work alongside (physically and virtually) colleagues from other cultures and other backgrounds. The type of skills they will need to be successful in this changing workplace are skills such as: the ability to communicate in more than one language, the ability to appreciate and truly understand other cultures and beliefs, the ability to think laterally and from a variety of perspectives and the ability to build relationships with colleagues from a variety of backgrounds and culture.

At Kardinia we are committed to developing global citizens who are actively engaged in creating new opportunities for themselves and for others. We are doing this both through our curriculum (PYP, vertical curriculum, IB DP and VCE) and our co-curricular (Chiang Mai, international field trips, international students) opportunities.

As parents I know many of you are also committed to developing global competence in your children through a variety of ways including supporting your children learn a second language or maintain their mother tongue language, travelling to other countries and being involved in community organisations that celebrate cultural beliefs and traditions.

As we move forward as a College this is an area that I would like to enhance and provide even more opportunities for our students to develop global competence skills. As part of our strategic planning process we will be identifying goals and strategies to enhance international mindedness in all of our students and I will share these with the Kardinia community once they are finalised.

In the meantime, I have added some links to resources in this area that you might find useful.


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Strategic Planning

We have embarked on the process of developing the Kardinia International College Strategic Plan, 2017-2020. The plan will be based around four strategic goals which are our four cornerstones along with a master facilities plan. Over the coming months our staff will be engaged in developing strategic priorities ensuring that we continue to have high expectations of ourselves and of our students.

Parents will have the opportunity to provide input into the plan through the Parent Development Board with student voice being represented through our Junior School leaders and Senior School Prefects. I will also share our progress through Enews and KICONLINE over the coming months and provide opportunities for parents to provide feedback.

I see the development of this Strategic Plan as being a significant event for our College as we try to combine the very best of our history with the highest of ambitions for the future. Our starting point will be our School vision and Mission statements along with our College motto.


Our Vision is to be a symbol of hope for the world by being a place of quality and exceptional personal development, where people from every corner of the earth feel welcome and at home.


Our Mission is to make this world a better place by developing students grounded in exceptional skills and wholesome values enabling them to make a difference in improving our world.


                                                          Wisdom leads to respect and friendship         

All of our goals and priorities must be able to be held up against these statements and we will use these as our guiding principles throughout the strategic planning process.


International Family Fortnight

Over the past fortnight our Junior School has been celebrating International Family fortnight with a range of activities taking place both at home and at school. It was lovely to see parents and grandparents in so many classrooms and having picnic lunches with their children. The culmination of the celebration was the Family Breakfast on Friday which was attended by well over 200 families. A special thank you to all staff and parents involved in organising the events over the past fortnight. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

West Side Story

I am sure everyone that attended the College production of West Side Story last week will join with me in congratulating the entire cast and crew in what was a wonderful production. Seven months of hard work went into three stunning performances and it was an absolute pleasure to see our students shine on stage, behind the scenes and in the orchestra. A special thank you to all staff and parents involved as a production of this size requires a huge commitment in time and energy from everyone.

Have a great week!






WellBeing at Kardinia

Our College strategic priority this year is Wellbeing. By Wellbeing we mean “the state of being healthy, happy and comfortable”. As part of this initiative we have partnered with Professor Lea Waters from the University of Melbourne. Professor Waters is acknowledged as a global expert in Positive Education and in what is called Visible Wellbeing.

The Visible Wellbeing instructional model that we will be exploring with Professor Waters encompasses three components:

  1. Visible Learning (teacher effectiveness)
  2. Visible Thinking (teacher practice)
  3. Positive Education (wellbeing)

The Visible Wellbeing Instructional Model aims to shift Wellbeing from a subjective, internal experience occurring within the student to a tangible, observable phenomenon that is visible to teachers and students alike.

Over the course of the next two years we will be working with Professor Waters to apply the Visible Wellbeing instructional model at Kardinia. This project has already begun with our initial work revolving around the identification and application of “character strengths” in both our students and staff. For further information on character strengths please visit the following site and undertake a free assessment of your character strengths.

Last night we extended this partnership to our parent community with Professor Waters conducting a talk on Positive Parenting for over 200 Kardinia parents. The slides and resources from this talk will be available later this week on Kiconline. We will continue to involve our parent community with us on our journey towards Visible Wellbeing at Kardinia as we believe strongly in parent partnerships and life-long learning for the entire Kardinia community.

Have a great week!



Founder’s Day Celebrations

Last Thursday afternoon our College community came together to celebrate Founder’s Day. April 28 is a significant date in our College calendar and it was fabulous to be able to hold a celebration on the day that marks the existence of Kardinia as a College.

Circus Firemen 2 Curious Game KC 1

Our celebrations began with a wonderful lunch where our students were entertained by their peers and staff with a variety of student bands performing as well as some very brave students and staff participating in the Shave for a cure fundraiser and raising significant funds for cancer research.

Our afternoon consisted of a variety of events, each tailored to suit the various age groups we have in our College. From Bollywood dancers in Highview, circus entertainers in the Junior School, movies for our upper primary and lower secondary students, Quidditch and Karpour on the oval and a high quality band in the Katsumata Centre, our students enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of high quality entertainment.

As usual our students were incredibly well behaved and respectful audience members who did themselves and the College proud. It was a pleasure to be involved in my first Founder’s Day and I look forward to participating in many more.

KICFest Funds

I am delighted to inform the Kardinia community that following a highly successful KICFest 2016, where $20000 was raised for the College, we have now purchased and installed 6 split system air conditioners for classes in S block in the Senior School. We have also ordered 3 replacement gas heaters for the same building. This means that students will have access to appropriate heating and cooling all year round in what has traditionally been both our coolest (in winter) and warmest (in summer) classrooms.



I am also able to report that the funds raised from KICFest 2015 which were targeted towards the Junior School playgrounds will also be utilised in the coming weeks. We have been waiting for Council approval for the installation of Shadecloths and it appears that we are now very close to receiving this approval.

On behalf of the staff and students I would like to once again thank the Kardinia community for their support of KICFest which has resulted in these improvements to our College facilities.

Now to start planning KICFest 2017………..


Have a great week!