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Kardinia Core Values

 Over the past two months I have been conducting a Core Values exercise with staff, parents and students as part of our strategic planning process. During that time, I met with over 20 groups across the College, including the Parent Development Board, to explore beliefs around Core Values. The results revealed that as a community we are closely aligned in what we believe the Core Values of Kardinia are.

The following Core Values stood out from the rest as being the ones which appeared in the majority, if not all, of the groups.

Respect           Wisdom        Friendship     Acceptance        Relationships     Excellence   Appreciation

 I shared this information with the Board last week and I am delighted to announce that the Board have now endorsed these 7 Core Values as our College Core Values. These Core Values will be embedded into the Strategic Plan for the 2017-2020 period.

Thank you to everyone involved in the Core Values exercise. Whilst it was impossible to include all core values suggested by each group, I trust the above list provides an accurate reflection of who we are as a community.


Parent’s resources

The Parents’ Website of Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) has been up and running now for several months.

The aim is to provide relevant, up-to-date information for the parents of the more than 132,000 students in over 200 Member Schools.

Issues explored include the dangers of ‘perfectionism’ for girls, the future of handwriting, ‘mindful’ parenting, and supporting students through the stresses of VCE.

I would encourage all parents to access the website to avail themselves of the quality resources and information that it contains.


Karen Homework Club


Last week I attended the weekly Karen Homework Club that our staff and students run for students from the Karen community. I was deeply touched by what I saw and left feeling very proud to be part of the Kardinia community. Each Wednesday 25 Kardinia students and up to half a dozen staff members give up their afternoon to support students from the Karen community with their homework and study skills. It was a privilege to witness the very special relationships that have developed between Kardinia students and the Karen students. It was evident that both sets of students wanted to be there and that both gained equally from the experience. I would encourage all Senior school students to consider this activity at some stage of their schooling as I am sure it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of their time at Kardinia.


Have a great week!






Official Opening of the Goodfellow Aquatic Centre

It was an absolute pleasure to attend the official opening of the Goodfellow Aquatic Centre last week. The evening marked a significant event in the short history of our College and was an opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate the opening of a wonderful facility and acknowledge the vision and hard work of those involved in bringing this dream to reality.

The Aquatic Centre was a twenty year dream for the College and in particular, for our founding Principal, John Goodfellow. I think everyone who has visited the Aquatic Centre would agree that it is a dream well worth the wait! The Aquatic Centre is a state of the art facility which not only has wonderful aesthetic appeal but also is designed on sustainability principles with the use of recycled water for the stunning water feature and of course 100 solar panels to help offset our electricity demands. Thank you to all Kardinia families, past and present, who made a financial contribution towards the solar panels. Your support is greatly appreciated and in fact permanently acknowledged on a plaque in the centre.

I invite all parents to visit the Aquatic centre over the coming weeks and see first- hand what a wonderful facility we now have. I am sure you will leave impressed!



LEAD Survey Reminder


The Kardinia International College community is taking part in a survey to gauge opinions and perceptions on our college in order to continue to improve our programs and services. Students and staff will complete surveys over the next few weeks.  

Parents have been sent an email inviting them to participate in a survey being carried out by Independent Schools Victoria.  


The aim of the survey is to gain general feedback and understand your perceptions regarding the quality of your child’s educational experience with Kardinia International College.


The information obtained will be used by us to evaluate parent opinion, in order to improve the quality of education at our school, for students, and will enable benchmarking of the school against other Independent schools.


Either parent may fill out the questionnaire or both parents may complete the survey together.

We ask that you complete the survey for your eldest child at the school. However, you may also complete the survey for each child you have at the school, by clicking on the link again and re-doing it for other children.  When working through the questionnaire, when you read ‘school’, think of your child’s school and when you read ‘student’, think about your eldest child.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  We would like to emphasise that the survey is completely anonymous. Independent Schools Victoria reports the results to the school in aggregate only.  

If you do not receive an email with the link by 10 August, please email to ensure we have your correct details on file to receive link.  Please complete the survey by Friday 26 August 2016.


We appreciate your taking the time to participate.


New Centrepoint Café Menu


We are pleased to let our community know that we are working with Healthy Eating Geelong and have made some changes to the menu for Centrepoint Cafe.

Some new additions to our menu include

  • Toasted Foccacia with lamb, tzatziki, red union, spinach and fetta
  • Meatball sub with lettuce and cheese on Tuesdays only (to replace hotdogs)
  • Wise Pie (to replace Meat Pie)



These changes are designed to bring our canteen into line with Healthy Eating Geelong guidleines and of course help ensure that we are providing healthy options to our students.

Please click here to download the new menu

Have a great week!




August 15

ACER School Review Feedback


As mentioned in previous enews articles, we recently engaged the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to conduct a school review of Kardinia against the National School Improvement Framework. The review team have now concluded their work and shared their findings with the staff. We will use these findings to help shape our strategic direction going forward and have already begun to form goals and strategies regarding the major recommendations coming out of the review. Below is an overview of the major findings from the review.


Commendations (Those things that were consistently outstanding across the college)

  • School culture
  • The living motto which was exemplified by all students and staff
  • Community partnerships
  • Physical Environment
  • The visible respect that clearly exists across the school community

Affirmations (Those things that have been recently established that should be continued and expanded)

  • Student welfare programs
  • Effective collaboration amongst teaching teams
  • Intervention support for students requiring additional support
  • The current strategic planning process
  • The commitment to personalised learning across the College (K-12)
  • The use of KIC online as an online learning platform

Recommendations (Those things the College should consider devoting more time and resources towards)

  • Develop College wide and student cohort targets as part of the strategic planning process
  • Expand the use of progressive reporting across the College
  • Develop a consistent teaching and learning framework across the College
  • Further develop the current teacher performance review and development program
  • Link the College Professional Learning plan to the incoming Strategic plan

All in all we were delighted with the feedback we received which shone a light on those areas that we need to celebrate and provided us with direction in those areas we can improve.


Welcome to Deb Rohl

A warm welcome to Deb Rohl who started as my Personal assistant today. Deb comes to Kardinia not only as an experienced corporate and school Personal Assistant but also as an ex Kardinia parent so is familiar with our culture and community. I am sure you will join with me in wishing Deb all the very best in her new role.


Have a great week!



Quality Education and Independent Schools

Earlier this year I asked all parents applying for year 7 places at Kardinia for 2017 why they were choosing to send their children to Kardinia. The vast majority of responses were around four common factors:

  1. Strong Academic Performance
  2. Great Teachers
  3. Individual Attention
  4. Disciplined Environment

These factors match those identified in a recent infographic released by the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA). It is no surprise that academic performance ranks as the most important factor in parents choosing an independent school for their children and certainly in the case of Kardinia our academic results continue to be outstanding.

What has not been so clear is how well independent schools in Australia compare with the best performing schools in the world. In 2012, the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) tested 15 year-old students in 179 nations and economies. The results for Australia in general were mid- range with Australia ranking 16th in scientific literacy, 14th in reading literacy and 19th in mathematical literacy.

AHISA recently analysed the raw average scores for students in Australian independent schools and the results were as follows:

2nd in Scientific literacy

2nd in reading literacy

6th in mathematical literacy

I think it is fair to say that Australian Independent Schools are more than meeting their expectations around delivering strong academic performance and parents should feel confident in their choice of an Australian Independent School for their children.

Have a great week!




School Review and More….

ACER School Review

Last week we hosted three review officers from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). The School Review involved collecting and analysing school data, meeting with students, staff and parents and visiting classrooms. The Review team were using the National School Improvement Tool (NSIT) as a measure of our performance and will provide feedback to the school based on this tool.

The verbal feedback we received from the Review team on Wednesday afternoon was very positive and particularly made mention of the positive culture and tone of our College. The Review team were very impressed with the ability of our students to articulate their learning goals and engage in conversations about their learning with them. Once again our students did us all proud.

The School review report will arrive in the coming weeks and we will be incorporating any recommendations into our strategic planning process. I will provide an overview of the report commendations and recommendations at that time.


USA Sporting Scholarships Evening

Thank you to Mark Davie for organising the USA Scholarship evening last week. The evening was hosted by AD ( and provided an overview of the USA sporting scholarship landscape. Further information is available on the above website.


Student Free Day: Wednesday, August 3

A reminder that we have a College wide student free day this Wednesday. All staff will be involved in the strategic planning process on the day with teachers of Year 12 students conducting parent-teacher interviews in the afternoon and evening.


Kardinia Spring Ball

Our Parent Development Board will be holding the Kardinia Spring Ball on October 8 at The Pier. This event is a wonderful opportunity for the Kardinia community to come together and enjoy an evening of fine food, drinks and dance. Tickets will be available soon via Kiconline so please mark the date in your diary and support this community event.


Ball Poster