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Strategic Plan Update


As we near the end of term 3 I thought it would be an opportune time to provide an update on the development of the strategic plan. Our strategic planning groups have been meeting throughout the term developing draft goals and strategies and ensuring these reflect both current school priorities and educational developments around the world. A summary of our five draft strategic priorities along with strategic objectives is provided below.


Strategic Priority 1: Living Motto

  • Positive inter-relationships
  • Strengthen external partnerships
  • Focus on the student as the individual

Strategic Priority 2: International Mindedness

  • World class internationally-minded curriculum
  • Global citizens who embrace diversity

Strategic Priority 3: Individual student focus for all learning

  • Collaborative professional culture of learning
  • Maximise and inspire achievement and wellbeing
  • Evidence driven practice
  • Develop a K-12 Pedagogical framework

Strategic Priority 4: Technological Advancement

  • Dynamic social media framework
  • Digitally agile/flexible teaching and learning environments
  • Digitally literate and responsible learners

Strategic Priority 5: Facilities Development

  • World class facilities
  • 21st Century learning spaces
  • Proactive property governance

These draft strategic goals and strategies will now be shared with the Board where further refinement and budget alignment will take place. All being well I plan to share the final strategic plan with the community in early November.

Have a great final week of term!


Parent Development Board

Parent Development Board – revised Constitution

 I have been working closely with both the College Board and the Parent Development Board recently on revising the Parent Development Board constitution. The original constitution was written in 1996 and with the growth of the College and change in governance structures, it was timely to revisit the core purpose and composition of the Parent Development Board.

The revised constitution was adopted at our most recent College Board meeting and has been uploaded to Kiconline (

The main components of the constitution refer to the statement of purpose and composition of the Board.

Statement of Purpose

The Parent Development Board provides a two-way conduit between the College and parents in a respectful promotion of the College’s Vision, mission and Values and advice to the Principal on fundraising and community engagement.


The Board comprises up to twelve elected members from the following categories:

  • Parents
  • Staff members (maximum of 2)
  • Community members


The Principal or his/her delegate will be the 13th member of the Board.

Elections for the new Parent Development Board will take place in April, 2017 and in the meantime I would like to extend an invitation to all parents to attend the remaining Parent Development Board meetings for 2016 so that you can become familiar with how the Board works and consider nominating for a position in 2017.

All meetings are held at Main House at the College at 730pm on a Thursday evening on the following dates:

October 6

November 17


Have a great week!