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Staffing News

Staffing News

As we near the end of the academic year planning for 2017 is well in place. We are close to finalising staffing for 2017 with most positions now filled. We have recently advertised for a number of leadership positions and am I delighted to announce the following appointments to the Kardinia community.

Deputy Head Senior School – Bram McLeod

Director of Marketing and Admissions – Sarah Milford

Director of Rowing – Anita Whitehouse

I am sure you will all join with me in congratulating Bram, Sarah and Anita on their appointments and wish them well in their new roles. All three appointments are ones that we are extremely excited about and I forward to working closely with Bram, Sarah and Anita in 2017 as we continue to strive for the very best outcomes for Kardinia students.

Have a great week!



This week I thought I would share some recent reports regarding student wellbeing. The first refers to research regarding the use of devices before bedtime and the disruption this causes to sleep patterns. The second is a letter from the Victorian Police to all Victorian schools regarding a recent trend in ‘pop up parties’ which are having a negative impact on many students.




Science Daily reports on new research from King’s College London which found that children using devices such as smart phones and tablets at bedtime have over double the risk of a disrupted night’s sleep compared to children without access to such devices. The research study involved a review of 20 existing studies from four continents, covering more than 125,000 children aged 6 to 19 years. The study found that the presence of a media device in the bedroom, even without use, was associated with an increased likelihood of poor sleep. The researchers suggest that ‘an integrated approach involving parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals is necessary to reduce access to these devices and encourage good sleeping habits near bedtime’.


VicPol letter to school communities, to be sent via schools

Victoria Police concerns around harm occurring to young people

I am writing to inform you that we have received information from Victoria Police about local ‘pop-up’ parties and social gatherings being organised via social media which are unsafe for the young people attending.


These parties are being hosted in private homes, abandoned buildings and public halls across south eastern and eastern Melbourne.


Victoria Police acknowledges that many young people are also attending safe parties.


However, Victoria Police has made a number of recommendations to ensure young people can safely attend local gatherings:

  • Talk to your children and be mindful of where they are;
  • Be vigilant around monitoring all of your child’s social media accounts (consider there may be multiple accounts) and look online at any events your child wants to attend;
  • Investigate any party your child is attending, and be satisfied of where your child is and who they are with. If a party location is unknown one or two weeks prior to a party date, this may be of concern.
  • Underage alcohol drinking and drug use is not recommended.


If you have any information that may assist police, phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


If you are concerned that your child has been the victim of a sexual assault and may require support, please contact Centre Against Sexual Assault on 1800 806 292.


At Kardinia we place a great deal of importance on student wellbeing and have a wonderful wellbeing officer in Katie Self. Katie is available to support students and parents on all matters to do with wellbeing and can be contacted via the school office.



Making the most of professional collaboration time


Last Tuesday saw all Kardinia teachers engaged in collaborative learning around our core business of teaching and learning. In a busy College like ours the opportunity for teams to come together to plan and dialogue about their craft is rare so days like last Tuesday are highly values.

Our Junior school teachers spent the day sharing and developing their understanding of inquiry. Inquiry learning is at the very heart of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and is basically an approach to teaching and learning that involves placing students at the centre in the investigation of key questions, problems and issues. Our Junior School teachers shared examples of inquiry learning with colleagues and further developed their growing understanding of how best to use inquiry to facilitate student learning.

Our Senior School teachers have been focusing on developing a coherent approach to assessment and reporting over the last twelve months. Last Tuesday provided an opportunity to further develop rubrics which support the progressive reporting that now takes place across Levels A-E units and to refine the reporting process based on parental and student feedback.

I know that student free days create challenges for our families as quite often parents still need to work on these days. At Kardinia we try to keep these days to a minimum so as to avoid unnecessary disruption to families however when we do take advantage of these opportunities we ensure that the time is fully utilised and that our focus is on further developing our collective knowledge of our core business of teaching and learning.

Have a great week!


Gotemba Nishi 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the 50th Anniversary celebrations at our Sister School in Japan, Gotemba Nishi. The week included an opportunity to both attend the official functions as well as meet with both current Kardinia students attending Gotemba Nishi High School and those Gotemba Nishi students who had previously attended Kardinia.

These events highlighted the depth of the relationship that exists between our two schools with Kardinia being mentioned numerous times throughout the various functions and always in terms of being a long-term partner in the education of Gotemba Nishi students.

It was wonderful to see two of our own Kardinia students fully integrated into Japanese life and culture and enjoying all that the exchange program has to offer. I would encourage all students studying Japanese to consider applying to participate in a future exchange program to Japan as it really is the opportunity of a lifetime and one that I am sure they would relish. For further information, please talk to any of our Japanese teachers or Mrs Suzuki in the Administration office.



World Teacher’s Day Celebrations

Last Friday was World Teachers’ Day and the KIC staff were treated to a delightful breakfast organised by some very supportive KIC families. Thank you to Anne Hutchison and Kate Birley who led a very dedicated and supportive team of parents. Thank you also to the following organisations for their support:


Have a great week!