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Welcome back to Term 2


“Not to do honour to old age is to demolish in the morning the house wherein we are to sleep at night”

–          Alphonse Karr


Welcome to Term 2


A very warm welcome to all Kardinia families to what is shaping up to be another very busy term. All staff returned to school today and were engaged in a variety of professional development opportunities that were aimed at both keeping our staff up to speed with educational developments and ultimately increasing the impact our teaching has on student outcomes.


Professional Development

Junior School teachers have been undergoing a two-day PYP workshop on transdisciplinary learning out at the Grove. The workshop analyses the transdisciplinary themes and examines how effective, concept-based central ideas and lines of inquiry can be designed to address the curriculum in a way that is relevant, challenging and engaging. The workshop also provides opportunities for our single subject teachers to engage in dialogue and planning with learning group teachers.

Senior School teachers have also had a focus on teaching and learning, exploring the use of evidence based high impact teaching strategies to improve learning outcomes. Teachers have been learning from colleagues on how to maximise the use of formative assessment and questioning to improve learning.

Our non-teaching staff have spent the day engaged in a range of workshops focussed on maximising the database systems we currently have in the College.

All our teachers are looking forward to the students returning to classrooms and for the opportunity to embed their latest learning.


Founder’s Day –April 28

Founder’s Day is a special day where as a school we stop and acknowledge our founders and the role they have played in creating the very special place that is Kardinia. Our Founder’s Day committee, which has comprised staff and students, have been planning this event for a number of months. The theme for this year is the Circus and we have a range of fun activities planned for the entire College. The program for the day is as follows:

9:10am-9:40am Whole College Assembly in the Amphitheatre. Our guest speakers include Mr Taki from Gotemba Nishi and Kardinian, Emma McDonald.


10:00am-2:00pm Students in Years 4-12 will attend a Circus performance and a Circus or Japanese themed activity of their choice. Students will be asked to choose one activity from the following:


  • Band Performance in the Amphitheatre                 
  • Dance activity in the P3 Studio 
  • Cirque Du Soleil film in the auditorium  
  • Japanese cooking in the Food tech Room
  • Pirate activity in the Aquatic Centre 
  • Circus Oz workshop in the Old Gym South
  • CircArts workshop in the Old Gym North
  • Japanese Art workshop –  Print making, Origami and Calligraphy  in the Senior Centre
  • Art Activity – Photo Booth  in the Green Room (LC)
  • Fitnessworx (Quidditch plus games)  on the Senior Oval  


Activities will go live for students to make their choice via a link on KICONLINE at 5pm on April 20.


Lunch: Students will have the choice to either bring their own lunch or purchase their lunch from a number of Food trucks, a BBQ or Centrepoint café. Prices will range from $3 to $10


2:00pm-3:20pm JS and SS K Factor Finals (Katsumata Centre and College Hall)


* K-Y3 students will be involved a Circus performance and participate in a variety of Circus themed activities in the JS. Lunch will be provided for K-3 students


Have a great term 2!