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“Let’s Take The Next Steps”


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander National Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week celebrates and builds on the respectful 50 years since the 1967 referendum and 25 years since the historic Mabo decision. As we commemorate these significant milestones, we ask the Kardinia community to be part of the next big steps in our nation’s reconciliation journey.

Our Senior School students were treated to a moving and personal Sorry Day Assembly last Friday where we heard from three of our very own Aboriginal students. Ricardo Gallagher, Shimalya Turner and Shirley Turner shared their story with the Assembly and shared what Reconciliation Week meant to them. The Assembly concluded with a call from our Deputy College Captain, Gemma Crosby, for all of us to be part of the solution towards achieving true reconciliation.

The Assembly was another wonderful example of the Kardinia spirit in action and of our students living our motto of “Wisdom leads to respect and friendship”.

This week our student led Council for Global Representation (CGR) have organised variety of activities and events to help celebrate National Reconciliation Week and to build deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. This is a significant week for all Australians and I encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunities this week presents to build understanding, respect and ultimately take action to be part of the solution towards achieving true reconciliation.


Canterbury Sport Uniform update

I am pleased to inform the community that we have negotiated with Canterbury and Bellarine Uniforms to have the Sport uniform sold from Bellarine Uniforms alongside our Academic uniforms. Bellarine Uniforms are in the process of purchasing the current stock from Canterbury and hope to have the items in the store in the coming weeks. Once the stock has arrived and is available to purchase I will inform the community. As stock levels of Canterbury items run out Bellarine Uniforms will replace all items with locally made garments of exactly the same design as the current Sport uniforms. This will ensure that stock levels are maintained and turnaround times between orders and production significantly reduced.

The sport uniforms will sell for roughly the same price as Canterbury sold them for online when the credit card fee and shipping costs are taken into consideration. Bellarine Uniforms have committed to holding current pricing for Academic and Sport uniforms until the end of 2018, which provides certainty for parents regarding both stock levels and pricing. I appreciate that this has been a rather difficult period for parents and students and thank the community for their patience as we have worked our way through these issues.

Have a great National Reconciliation Week!




Teacher Professional Learning Communities

All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher”

George Whitman

One of the Kardinia cornerstones is the ideal of the individual as a life-long learner. This belief extends beyond our current students to staff and the wider community. Last week we held a highly informative cyber safety evening for parents as part of our continuing education program and we will continue to look for opportunities to keep parents informed on a variety of topics.

Our teachers have also been engaged in ongoing learning this year through our K-12 Professional Learning Communities. These communities meet on a regular basis after school and inquire into areas related specifically to our Strategic Plan. As a staff, we have found these learning opportunities to be a wonderful way to both learn from and with each other. Each Professional Learning Community consists of teachers from across the K-12 spectrum so it allows a topic to be discussed and analysed from a range of perspectives, which ultimately means that any school-wide decision that results from these communities has a K-12 lens.

Our 2017 Professional Learning Communities are inquiring into the following areas:

  • The use of College wide data to inform teaching and learning
  • Well-being
  • Teaching for Understanding and Visible Thinking (These groups are working through Project Zero which is part of Harvard University’s online learning program)
  • Boys in Education
  • Girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)
  • Flipped Learning
  • Formative Assessment
  • International Mindedness
  • Innovative Learning Spaces
  • The development of a Pedagogical Framework
  • Restorative Practices
  • Sustainability
  • ELearning

I look forward to sharing the work of the Professional Learning Communities with parents later in the year.

Have a great week!


May 15


“This is not the same as reality. But without belief in the possibility, your reality is going to be severely curtailed. We must avoid the temptation to begin with an analysis of what’s easy, or what’s probable, or even likely. We can only do our work justice by examining what’s possible, and then deciding if we care enough to pursue it”.

  • Seth Godin

Canterbury Sport Uniform Update

Thank you to all parents for your patience with the Canterbury sport Uniform issues we are still encountering. Despite a number of meetings and promises it appears that Canterbury are no closer to being able to fill the back orders that parents have placed. As a result we have closed the Canterbury portalogue system today to prevent any further orders being able to be placed as Canterbury are not able to provide us with an estimated delivery date. We are also working with Canterbury to ensure that any orders that have been placed will either be delivered or parents given a full refund.

I fully realise that this is an incredibly frustrating experience for students and parents. We are currently negotiating with an alternative supplier and hope to have information on this to parents in the coming fortnight. In the meantime, any student that does not have a Kardinia sport uniform due to the Canterbury backlog is free to wear alternative clothing to PE classes and to sport. The only stipulation is that the clothing is comfortable and appropriate for sport activities.

International Family Week in the Junior School

International Family Week got off to a great start in the junior School this week. It was lovely to see parents and grandparents taking the opportunity to spend time in classrooms and to have lunch with their children around the school. I would invite all Junior School families to join us throughout the week and to help celebrate family week here at Kardinia. The family week breakfast on Thursday in the Centrepoint Café promises to be a highlight.

Have a great International Family Week!


Student Initiated Action

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

–          Mahatma Gandhi


I am continually impressed by the high level of initiative shown and action taken by our students. The following is a small selection of recent action that Kardinia students have initiated.

Our new College website, which was recently launched, was developed by a 2016 Kardinia graduate, Torin Peel and his business partner and current Year 12 student, Hamish Boyd. The boys had the initiative to pitch a proposal to develop a new website and then delivered on their pitch by producing a quality product on time and to budget.

Last week we once again had the good fortune to experience a tremendous Chinese Week, which was planned and organised completely by students. The week allowed our students to experience a range of Chinese cultural activities including calligraphy, dumpling making and a traditional Lion dance and helped build on our aim on developing truly international citizens.

In another example of student initiative, Year 12 students, Julia Gray-Jones and Emily Cooke, organised an excellent trivia night last week for year 12 students and staff to support Melbourne City Mission’s “Sleep at the G” for youth homelessness event. The night raised significant funds for youth homelessness and provided a great opportunity for students and staff to test their trivia knowledge against each other.

Finally, on Saturday, Year 12 students, Penny Stock and Sophie Dejdar, launched the Kardinia International College swimming program in the Goodfellow Aquatic Centre. The program aims to introduce water safety and awareness to the Karen community. The program builds on the highly successful homework club that the Social justice committee operate on a Wednesday afternoon and furthers our commitment to supporting our local community.

These events are just a small example of the student-initiated action that Kardinia students engage in on a regular basis. I am extremely proud of our students and the positive difference they are making in the lives of others.


Have a great week!