Life-Long Learning

“In spite of all wanderings, happiness is always found within a narrow compass and among objects which lie within our immediate reach”


Life Long Learning

One of cornerstones at Kardinia is individuals as life- long learners”. As part of our commitment to this cornerstone all teaching staff at Kardinia belong to a professional learning community based around a strategic priority. These learning communities meet on a monthly basis after school and involve our teachers inquiring into a range of strategic priorities such as: flexible learning spaces, the effective use of data, formative assessment, increasing the number of girls taking STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, international mindedness and many more. In the case of our international mindedness learning community this has meant forming a partnership with our student led Council for Global Representation (CGR) and having students and teachers meeting to discuss this cornerstone and provide solutions to current challenges. This has been a wonderful example of how our entire learning community are working together to achieve our strategic goals. Over the remainder of the term Paul Dowie will be sharing the work of our professional learning communities through enews. Keep an eye out for these articles.

Voices for Change 1965-2000 by [Grout, James, Curran, Cecily, Peel, Geoff]

Another recent example of our staff commitment to life-long learning is three of our history teachers collaborating to write a text book for VCE History students. James Grout, Cecily Curran and Geoff Peel recently published, “Voices for Change: 1965-2000″. The textbook aims to provide VCE history students and teachers with a quality resource to support their learning. All current unit 4 VCE History students will receive a copy of the book for free and all proceeds from the first sale of the book have been kindly donated to the Staff Karen community refugee fund which will support our ongoing commitment to the local Karen refugee community.

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