Welcome Back to Term 4


“It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about”

`Henry David Thoreau

Term 4 in schools is always a hive of activity and this year will be no different. The challenge for all of us at Kardinia is making sure that we are busy doing what is the most important work. Of course, for all of us, that work is student learning. This term will see students and staff working closely together across the College as we all try to maximise the amount and quality of learning experiences available.

Our younger students in Pre-School and our Year 6 students will be busy preparing for the transition to their next stages of learning in the Junior School and Senior School respectively. Our Year 6 students will also be heavily focussed on their upcoming PYP Exhibition on October 31 which marks the end of their journey in the life of the Primary Years Programme. This is a significant event as our students embark on their own individual and collaborative inquiries and work with staff to take action in their chosen area of interest.

In the Senior School we have our Year 12 students juggling the challenge of preparing for their final exams and enjoying their last few months as school students. We will continue to emphasise the importance of balance to our oldest students as they deal with the pressures that are associated with Year 12 exams. Balance in the form of getting plenty of sleep and rest, ensuring they make the time for relaxation with family and friends and maximising their study time so that they are able to do themselves justice in their final exams. Not an easy task but one that we are all very experienced with and one we take very seriously.

This weekend also marks the beginning of what we hope becomes a Kardinia tradition. In the past we have had reunions spread out across the school year but for the first time we will set aside an entire weekend each year, the first weekend of term 4, for Kardinians to come together. This week begins with our now annual Parent Development Spring Ball on Friday night, followed by our 5 and 10-year reunions on Saturday night and concluding on Sunday afternoon with a staff reunion. The students and staff reunions will both take place at the College.

I look forward to seeing many parents at the Spring Ball on Friday evening and at the various end of year events that we have scheduled throughout the term.


All the very best for a productive and enjoyable term 4!


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