May 15


“This is not the same as reality. But without belief in the possibility, your reality is going to be severely curtailed. We must avoid the temptation to begin with an analysis of what’s easy, or what’s probable, or even likely. We can only do our work justice by examining what’s possible, and then deciding if we care enough to pursue it”.

  • Seth Godin

Canterbury Sport Uniform Update

Thank you to all parents for your patience with the Canterbury sport Uniform issues we are still encountering. Despite a number of meetings and promises it appears that Canterbury are no closer to being able to fill the back orders that parents have placed. As a result we have closed the Canterbury portalogue system today to prevent any further orders being able to be placed as Canterbury are not able to provide us with an estimated delivery date. We are also working with Canterbury to ensure that any orders that have been placed will either be delivered or parents given a full refund.

I fully realise that this is an incredibly frustrating experience for students and parents. We are currently negotiating with an alternative supplier and hope to have information on this to parents in the coming fortnight. In the meantime, any student that does not have a Kardinia sport uniform due to the Canterbury backlog is free to wear alternative clothing to PE classes and to sport. The only stipulation is that the clothing is comfortable and appropriate for sport activities.

International Family Week in the Junior School

International Family Week got off to a great start in the junior School this week. It was lovely to see parents and grandparents taking the opportunity to spend time in classrooms and to have lunch with their children around the school. I would invite all Junior School families to join us throughout the week and to help celebrate family week here at Kardinia. The family week breakfast on Thursday in the Centrepoint Café promises to be a highlight.

Have a great International Family Week!


Student Initiated Action

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

–          Mahatma Gandhi


I am continually impressed by the high level of initiative shown and action taken by our students. The following is a small selection of recent action that Kardinia students have initiated.

Our new College website, which was recently launched, was developed by a 2016 Kardinia graduate, Torin Peel and his business partner and current Year 12 student, Hamish Boyd. The boys had the initiative to pitch a proposal to develop a new website and then delivered on their pitch by producing a quality product on time and to budget.

Last week we once again had the good fortune to experience a tremendous Chinese Week, which was planned and organised completely by students. The week allowed our students to experience a range of Chinese cultural activities including calligraphy, dumpling making and a traditional Lion dance and helped build on our aim on developing truly international citizens.

In another example of student initiative, Year 12 students, Julia Gray-Jones and Emily Cooke, organised an excellent trivia night last week for year 12 students and staff to support Melbourne City Mission’s “Sleep at the G” for youth homelessness event. The night raised significant funds for youth homelessness and provided a great opportunity for students and staff to test their trivia knowledge against each other.

Finally, on Saturday, Year 12 students, Penny Stock and Sophie Dejdar, launched the Kardinia International College swimming program in the Goodfellow Aquatic Centre. The program aims to introduce water safety and awareness to the Karen community. The program builds on the highly successful homework club that the Social justice committee operate on a Wednesday afternoon and furthers our commitment to supporting our local community.

These events are just a small example of the student-initiated action that Kardinia students engage in on a regular basis. I am extremely proud of our students and the positive difference they are making in the lives of others.


Have a great week!



Welcome back to Term 2


“Not to do honour to old age is to demolish in the morning the house wherein we are to sleep at night”

–          Alphonse Karr


Welcome to Term 2


A very warm welcome to all Kardinia families to what is shaping up to be another very busy term. All staff returned to school today and were engaged in a variety of professional development opportunities that were aimed at both keeping our staff up to speed with educational developments and ultimately increasing the impact our teaching has on student outcomes.


Professional Development

Junior School teachers have been undergoing a two-day PYP workshop on transdisciplinary learning out at the Grove. The workshop analyses the transdisciplinary themes and examines how effective, concept-based central ideas and lines of inquiry can be designed to address the curriculum in a way that is relevant, challenging and engaging. The workshop also provides opportunities for our single subject teachers to engage in dialogue and planning with learning group teachers.

Senior School teachers have also had a focus on teaching and learning, exploring the use of evidence based high impact teaching strategies to improve learning outcomes. Teachers have been learning from colleagues on how to maximise the use of formative assessment and questioning to improve learning.

Our non-teaching staff have spent the day engaged in a range of workshops focussed on maximising the database systems we currently have in the College.

All our teachers are looking forward to the students returning to classrooms and for the opportunity to embed their latest learning.


Founder’s Day –April 28

Founder’s Day is a special day where as a school we stop and acknowledge our founders and the role they have played in creating the very special place that is Kardinia. Our Founder’s Day committee, which has comprised staff and students, have been planning this event for a number of months. The theme for this year is the Circus and we have a range of fun activities planned for the entire College. The program for the day is as follows:

9:10am-9:40am Whole College Assembly in the Amphitheatre. Our guest speakers include Mr Taki from Gotemba Nishi and Kardinian, Emma McDonald.


10:00am-2:00pm Students in Years 4-12 will attend a Circus performance and a Circus or Japanese themed activity of their choice. Students will be asked to choose one activity from the following:


  • Band Performance in the Amphitheatre                 
  • Dance activity in the P3 Studio 
  • Cirque Du Soleil film in the auditorium  
  • Japanese cooking in the Food tech Room
  • Pirate activity in the Aquatic Centre 
  • Circus Oz workshop in the Old Gym South
  • CircArts workshop in the Old Gym North
  • Japanese Art workshop –  Print making, Origami and Calligraphy  in the Senior Centre
  • Art Activity – Photo Booth  in the Green Room (LC)
  • Fitnessworx (Quidditch plus games)  on the Senior Oval  


Activities will go live for students to make their choice via a link on KICONLINE at 5pm on April 20.


Lunch: Students will have the choice to either bring their own lunch or purchase their lunch from a number of Food trucks, a BBQ or Centrepoint café. Prices will range from $3 to $10


2:00pm-3:20pm JS and SS K Factor Finals (Katsumata Centre and College Hall)


* K-Y3 students will be involved a Circus performance and participate in a variety of Circus themed activities in the JS. Lunch will be provided for K-3 students


Have a great term 2!



KICFEST here we come…..

“If you’ve only one breath left, use it to say thank you”

–          Pam Brown




One of the challenges that schools and parents face is how to keep motivation high for adolescents when their world is changing at a rapid pace. ACER’s Teacher magazine has posted a recent article by Andrew Martin, Professor of Psychology at the University of New South Wales, and registered psychologist Dr Jasmine Green on two strategies which recent research indicates may help parents – and schools – to motivate their teenage students: Personal best (PB) goal-setting (creating a personalised standard of excellence and a specific road map for how to achieve it); and valued action (pursuing goals that are considered meaningful and connected to one’s values).


According to Martin and Green, questions that can help a student engage in values-based reflections to set PB goals include:


  • What is learning for? What do I want my school life to stand for?
  • Deep down inside, what is really important to me?
  • What will a good Year 12 result really enable me to do that is truly meaningful in my life?
  • What kind of person do I want to be?
  • What do I care about?


The full article can be found via the following link:



A big thank you to all parents who have volunteered to help with KICFEST on Saturday. The KICFEST committee have done an amazing job and I am sure the day will be a huge success. See you all on Saturday!


Parent Development Board Elections

We have extended the deadline for nominations to the Parent Development Board (PDB) until Thursday, March 23. I encourage all parents to consider joining the PDB for what is a maximum commitment of two meetings a term. Full nomination details can be found on KICONLINE under the community/Parent Development Boards tab.



It was wonderful to see so many families supporting our girls at the Head of the River Regatta on the Barwon River on the weekend. Our rowers did a superb job with many posting personal best times thanks to the outstanding commitment and support from our Head Coach, Anita Whitehouse, and her team of dedicated coaches.  Full results appear further down in enews.

Launch of our new College website

“This is what knowledge really is. It is finding out something for oneself with pain, with joy, with exultancy, with labor, and with all the little ticking, breathing moments of our lives, until it is ours which is rooted in the structure of our lives.”

–          Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938)

I am delighted to announce the launch of our new College website today. The new website can be located at . The website is the brainchild of 2016 Kardinia graduate, Torin Peel, and his company Swiftfox, .

In a wonderful display of initiative, Torin and his fellow Swiftfox Director and current Kardinia Year 12 student, Hamish Boyd, pitched the idea for a new website to me during the latter half of 2016. The boys showed a great deal of business acumen well beyond their years and really left me with no choice but to accept their proposal to create a modern, attractive website that reflects who we are as a College.

I encourage you to visit our new website and see the end product for yourself. We are also keen to ensure that the website continually evolves and improves so please take the opportunity to provide feedback and ideas through the link on the website.


Have a great week!

Significant Events

Prefect Investiture and Colours Ceremony

Last Thursday our College celebrated our first major event of the year, the Prefect and Colours Investiture. The ceremony was a significant one in our calendar and was an opportunity to not only invest our incoming College Prefects but also acknowledge the outstanding work of our students in 2016 through the awarding of Colours.

These events always remind me of what makes Kardinia so special. From the respectful nature with which the 1300 strong student body observed the ceremony, to the calibre of the speeches delivered by our students, to the performances by our talented musicians and the wide range of achievements by our Colours recipients, it really was Kardinia personified. Respectful, wise and friendly within a climate of acceptance and excellence. This is Kardinia!

photo1 photo5

IB Awards Ceremony

I also had the opportunity to attend the Victorian and Tasmanian IB awards ceremony in Melbourne last week along with our IB coordinator, Ainslie Howard and our Director of Marketing and Admissions, Sarah Milford. This event celebrates all IB graduates from 2016 and acknowledges those students who received IB scores of 40 and above. Kardinia had three students in this category with Connor Hoekstra, Annika Hoffmann and Katherine Sercombe all receiving Certificates of Distinction. Annika was also acknowledged as one of only 19 students in Victoria and Tasmania who achieved a perfect score of 45. A tremendous achievement.

Parent Events

It has been wonderful to see so many parents attend the various welcome evenings held in the Junior School last week as well as the College Open Day on Sunday. These events provide the perfect opportunity for parents to connect with the school at the beginning of the academic year and for our staff to connect with parents. The following events are listed on KICONLINE as well as in the study planner.

There will be an opportunity for new Senior School parents to attend a welcome evening on February 23 from 730pm in the Hall. I would encourage all new parents to the Senior School to attend this evening as it provides us with the opportunity to share a little about the Senior School with parents as well as providing parents with the opportunity to meet staff and fellow parents.

An information evening for all Year 8 and 9 parents will be held on March 14 from 730pm in the Hall.

There will be an opportunity for all parents to attend a Drug and Alcohol Seminar at the College with Paul Dillon on March 8. We ran this informative session last year and received very positive feedback from parents.

Parent teacher interviews in the Senior School will be held on March 24, 28 and 30 this term and in the Junior school on March 28.

March 25 is KICFEST and it promises to be another fabulous event. Keep an eye out for further information from the KICFEST committee in the coming weeks.

Of course parents are also welcome to contact teachers directly to discuss progress and concerns and all teachers will attempt to meet with parents as soon as is possible.

Have a great week!


Opening of Kardinia Grove

“Kardinia Grove”, our Year 5 campus, was officially opened by our College chairperson, Yoshi Katsumata, at a ceremony held on February 2, 2017. Over 100 parents and staff attended the opening where the work of the Kardinia Grove steering committee, led by Matt Baron, was celebrated and acknowledged. “The Grove”, as it has become affectionately known as, is an exceptional learning environment that emphasises place based learning and encourages our learners to learn about their environment so that they can make positive changes. Our Year 5 students have embraced the new campus with a great deal of enthusiasm and have already begun making the campus their own. The Grove will be available for College group events such as art and sporting camps so that our entire College benefits from this wonderful facility. We will also be providing opportunities for parents to attend Open days at The Grove to experience the campus first hand.



Kardinia welcomes Dr Sam Ginsberg to the College Board  



I am delighted to inform the community that Dr Sam Ginsberg has been appointed to the Kardinia College Board. Dr Ginsberg along with his wife, Jenny, visited the College last week as part of his induction into the College and to attend his first Board meeting.

Dr Ginsberg brings a wealth of experience in education, psychology and community service to the Board and compliments the skills and interests of existing Board members. Dr Ginsberg will be attending numerous College events this year and is looking forward to meeting students, staff, parents and alumni.



Kardinia International College Board

(Yoshi Katsumata (Board Chair), Dr Sam Ginsberg, Graham Corney (Board Deputy Chair), Hiroko Suzuki, John Goodfellow)

Welcome to 2017

I am delighted to welcome the Kardinia community to the 2017 Academic Year and in particular make special mention of those families who have joined us for the first time this year. I know that our community will make you feel welcome and I look forward to seeing all parents at the various College events throughout the year. I will also be informing the community about our upcoming elections to the Parent Development Board in the coming weeks so keep an eye out in Enews for further details.

We have had a fabulous start to the year today with 1900 students and over 200 staff settling straight into the routine of teaching and learning. It was wonderful to see the smiling faces as students entered school this morning and hearing stories of their adventures over the holidays. It was also nice to have a campus full of students again after 7 weeks of holidays.

2017 promises to be another landmark year in Kardinia’s short history. Today saw the first group of Year 5 students head out to “The Grove” for their first day of place based learning. We look forward to sharing the Grove campus with the community throughout the year and providing opportunities for families to visit and see the exciting work that is going to take place there. We have the official opening this week, which also coincides with our first Board meeting of the year. Our Chairman, Mr Katsumata, is also on site this week and enjoying visiting classrooms and talking to our students.

2017 also marks the launch of our new strategic plan (2017-2020) which very clearly sets out our strategic priorities and goals for the next 4 years.

Some of our goals for 2017 are:

  • Develop a K-12 pedagogical framework that underpins all teaching and learning;
  • Increase opportunities for student engagement in the local and international community;
  • Fully exploit student data to enhance teaching and learning;
  • Develop a Kardinia definition of international mindedness and audit our curriculum to ensure it truly is a balanced international curriculum;
  • Develop a shared understanding and approach to student wellbeing;
  • Develop a dynamic social media framework;
  • Create a digitally agile and flexible teaching and learning environment;
  • Enhance sporting and outdoor learning spaces;
  • Refurbish toilet blocks and increase availability across the College

The full strategic Plan along with the 2017 Annual Plan will be uploaded to our new College website when it is launched in the coming weeks.


2016 Academic Results

I am delighted to inform the community that our 2016 Academic results were once again outstanding and matched our record-breaking results achieved in 2015. These results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the 2016 Year 12 cohort along with all staff that supported and facilitated their learning during their time at Kardinia. Families also play a huge part in achieving these results, as they truly are a community achievement.

Results Highlights

Annika Hoffmann: IB Score 45/45 = ATAR 99.95

Dux of Geelong

Kardinia has had the Dux of Geelong for the last two years


28% of Y12 cohort received an ATAR of 90 or above

52% of Y12 cohort received an ATAR of 80 or above


IB average score of 36 compared to a world average of 29.21


Have a great year!